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      Hi, I want to learn about the electronic repair. Can you share your learning path?

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        well believe me, beside from watching Alex and other youtube video about fixing devices, you have to take a class. Alex was one of my biggest inspiration for being a technician. i watch almost all of his video since 2 years ago. and then i decided to took a class from nearby repair shop. being a technician is an amazing job! everytime you manage to fix something, that smiles on Alex face when the device working properly at the end of almost all of his video was kind of all Engineer do when we do working on a device and be able to fix it. and remember we got paid for that! 😀

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          I 100% agree, that smile Alex gives and how his eyes light up, its incredible to see.

          But I also would like to know how to learn to repair electronics, I guess first I need to learn about components, how what works,how to solder properly with soldering iron and hot air gun and idk what else.

          I have been checking out some books and some online courses because in my area there is no class to take and no one wants to teach a newbie even for a fee.

          But yea if anyone knows, please share

          I will only share about soldering, I learned soldering by watching Pace World Basic Soldering Lessons and Rework & repair lessons they have on their Paceworldwide YouTube channel.
          Also, with little patience, reading subtitles they provide, on Youtube theres also channel MovilOne Mobile repair
          Their soldering lessons are exceptional.

          And they seem to have many more videos.

          Yea, it seems checking sources from other languages might help a lot too.

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            The best way to learn is from someone in the industry. A School can teach you, but they lack practicality and hands on. I have a bachelor in Electrical engineering but electronics was my hobby before school. I used to build circuits on a bread board then print etch and drill a PCB board to place components on, then make a box for it to complete the project. I used a Radio shack multimeter and soldering iron. All done from a small bedroom in NYC. I was a subscriber to a Magazine called electronics now and a publishing company that used to mail me 10 pages every month with TV VCR common faults and how to repair. I spoke about this a little in this video and also

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              I started to take interest and learning electronics when Im in grade school, in a non-quality life and non-quality days I visit my uncle which is a Professional Electronics Engineer and his specialty was making an audio amplifier from scratch. Like sir Alex mentioned drill holes on pcb and etching it. My maturity at that time was not that broad since I’m still a kid and I only play what I found on my uncles lab but I want to ask him questions but then he was a shy type kind of person like not the kind where you can talk to him for hours and his lab was his only comfort zone except when he goes to the city to buy electronic components for the customer. He passed away without me asking some questions Im interested with.

              My first project was a dynamo powered mini boat from a scrap toy car and plastic bottle and sticks and glue and stuff. I did no soldering that time only twisting copper wires and taping it down to battery terminals. I remembered when I was in highscholl where life became more tough, our electricity was disconnected for 2 years straight until my elder sister graduated and got a job. After that time when I was in college I watch youtube videos and google stuffs about electronics and soldering. Up until where I’m working now and I can purchase necessary tools for repair and Louise Rossman encouraged me on things for right to repair and also sir Alex who tought me on his videos how to properly diagnose a device.

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