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iPhone 6 Plus Rear Camera Shakes and Makes Noise

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Hello, I recently received an iPhone 6 Plus from a family member. I reset the whole phone to factory settings and when I tried to use the phone's rear camera after the reset, the camera made loud clicking sounds and the image shown was vibrating rapidly. I switched between modes and this issue is present on Time-lapse, Video, Photo, Square, and Pano. For some reason, it doesn't show up for Slow-Mo for some reason. The issue does not affect the front camera.

I took a look on some online guides from iFixit and Youtube and they all say to use a small magnet and place it near the rear camera until it stops shaking. The issue with this is that it hitches from time to time and when I put the camera up to my ear, I can hear a electrical reverberation sound that will show up in the audio of any video I take.

Does anyone have more permanent fixes to this? I do have a soldering iron and iFixit toolkit.

Thanks in advance!
- FlightlessDrillbit

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You need to replace the camera. The Focus mechanism is faulty.

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I would try replacing the camera, they are pretty cheap, you can get them on amazon, ebay.. . just remember, dont go overboard on this phone, its a 6, so you dont want to spend 100 dollars fixing a 60 dollar iPhone. Good Luck!!


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