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Broken power connector dell p65f, 4 pin small plastic gate.

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Hello, Found you couple weeks ago and really enjoy the repairs and comments. Beginner solderer, but this is a little out side my comfort zone. I was trying to remove the ribbon power connector, which closes with a little gate. Pulled it off the board. It has 4 straight pins which appear to be soldered to the board. looking thru a magnifying glass i see that the first of the 4 pin locations is missing the solder, so its a blank hole.

My question is whether i can just add solder to the hole, or do i need a pad? Lastly should i , or could i use super glue to hold it in place to solder it down?



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So i took a picture to show what i was talking about.

The missing pad is the left one, i put the broken piece above to show it.

Any ideas?

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Let me preface this post by saying I'm no professional and I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than I will come along to help you however until then I would like to say that I looked at your picture and it appears that you are soldering four pads and not a through hole component, correct me if I'm wrong. Having said that if these are four solder pads I believe you simply clean off the old solder pads using Amtech 559 flux and solder wic/braid just like Alex always shows in his videos.

He sells Amtech 559 Flux and solder braid and he is a distributor of the flux.

Once the pads are cleaned off you can tin them by applying more solder to them then solder down your connector. If any of the pads have been removed/lifted you will need to replace them especially if they are needed by the circuit.

Again I'm no expert infact I'm a beginner and I'm here to learn like yourself. I just wanted to share what I have learned from watching Alexs videos over the years. I'm sure he will come soon and properly answer your question and I'm looking forward to his answer as well.

Good luck and nice to meet you.


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