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      I’m trying to replace the HDMI retimer chip in my son’s Xbox One X with limited luck. I can get the old chip off with little trouble, but things go downhill from there. It seems like the big pad in the middle soaks up heat like crazy — my iron (or the desoldering braid) will stick to the pad if I touch it with the iron. Seems like I need to supply extra heat with the rework station on full blast. And even if I do get the new chip to sit flush with the board, solder never seems to wick up from the traces to the pads on the chip.

      I’ve got the pads on the PCB decently tinned, so I’d think with enough flux I’d see the solder wick right up onto the retimer chip’s contacts, but it never happens. I’ve been through three retimer chips now — I always start over again with a fresh chip in case I’ve cooked it. Should I maybe try tinning the pads on the underside of the retimer chip instead? Any help appreciated.

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        Heat transfer from your soldering iron is limited by the size of the tip. The bigger the tip the more heat transfer. Even if you have your
        soldering station set to 500c, if you are using a small tip, not enough heat will be transferred to melt solder especially on big pads. Set your iron to 500c and use a bigger tip. Apply Flux and use a good wick. If you’re still having issues. You need to buy a better quality soldering station.

        All the above can be purchased directly from our website. You can find the links below.
        Soldering station (Works with JBC tips)
        Genuine Amtech Flux
        Premium quality Wick

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          Replace the solder with 60/40 solder and be careful on wat tip you are using. My first problems when I was changing retimer chips was that I couldn’t get solder on the pads of the chip. Firs problem was the oxidized pads from the chip being deposited in humid air; second problem was the tip. You will find that using a 2mm diagonal cut tip works best.

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            Hey all,

            I’ve been able to remove the retimer chip off One S and One X with my hot air station set to 480C. I do apply low melt to the sides of the chip. The hot air station typically takes about a full minute and a half to successfully transfer enough heat for the unleaded solder ground pad to liquify. Replacing the chip is pretty straight forward. I always “tin”, apply low melt solder, to the data pins of the retimer chip. I then use my hot air station at 400C or 450C and blast the chip until the chip shifts in place. I then put my tweezers on the chip and move the hot air station away from the chip. Works every time.

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