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Samsung Galaxy S9 plus no fast charging

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Hello. I got a SM-G965U S9+ off someone selling on Facebook marketplace. Wouldn’t turn on. Found bad charging port and battery bad. I had to jiggle the charging cord to try a charge. Didnt work. So I used my wireless charger and it charged fine . Reyes charging cable again. Would show up water in charging port error. Got a new battery and charging port. Replaced both. Water I port went away. But now fast charging will not work. I tried a samsung original charger, made sure fast charging was turned on, tried resetting settings, even factory reset. I haven’t tried reprogramming. Maybe glitch in software. With the phone off. I put the charger in. The charging symbol comes on then shuts off and comes back on. Phone vibrates every time. Take out charger and and turn it over. Plug in back in and it shows in complete connection. Do you think the charging port I got is faulty? Or motherboard issue? I thought maybe the voltage ic chip might be faulty? I was trying to restore phone to resell. Any suggestions or possible solutions? TY

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