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Lenovo legion 5 not booting

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Hi all, I'm hoping someone can guide me in the right direction here with my laptop, I was swapping screens on my laptop but I forgot to unplug the battery and now she won't boot no more, I tried all the usual stuff like clearing CMOS, power cycling all of that stuff but nothing works, I still get charging LED and keyboard backlight when I press the power button but nothing else happens beyond that, I can tell it doesn't boot because I don't hear the Windows login sound and the fans only spin for like 2 seconds before stopping. All my local techs don't go that far into repairs, they only keep suggesting to replace the board or buy a new laptop, neither of these options are cost effective for me, the motherboard is around the same price I paid for the laptop, I'm willing to get all the tools I need to fix this myself but if someone has any idea what chip on the board is most likely bad then that's a good start for me.


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