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Dead Ausus Rog Strix GL703GE i7-8750H GTX 1050 Ti 4gb

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(Firstly, Canadian Pricing listed, as I am from Canada) My laptop would constantly run at 95 to 97 degrees even on 30 to 40 percent load. I put it in sleep mode, and I opened it up to just take a look, and tried straightening bent sdcard slot pins with wood stick. Didn't really touch anything else, except removed the wifi and put it back. Now it won't power on at all. Took it completely apart several times since and put back together, but still nothing. No lights, no power, nothing on AC, or battery. Is this a common problem with Asus? Could it have shorted out somehow?

I contacted Asus to find out cost of repair or replacement motherboard.They gave me their authorized reseller pricing. They want $1000 regular price, $700 sale price for a new board. I was shocked. I had bought this for $1500 + tax from newegg 2 years ago. I see Aliexpress sells replacement boards for $200. What is the reason Asus is charging such outrageous prices for replacement parts?

I replaced it with an Acer Nitro 5 Amd Ryzen 7 6800H RTX 3070 Ti 8GB vram for $1400 + tax on Amazon.

I still want to fix the old laptop because I loved it, but not at rip off part pricing. Is it worth servicing or just replacing the board?

If I am going to have to get a board off Aliexpress, I am thinking to just upgrade it to the GL703VM board with the i7-7700HQ GTX1060 6gbvram. I realize that the heatsync is slightly different with the small extra chip coverage and the thermal pads, and that the trackpad connector cable is longer and in a different spot on the board, but it looks to be a perfect fit otherwise. Is this a viable option?

Is there any thing else I need to know about any differences in the boards before dishing out a few hundred dollars for the board, ribbon cable, and heatsync to do this modded upgrade?

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Hi, why don`t you go to a repair shop and see if they can repair it?

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Because that will end up with diagnosyic charges and ultimately them saying the entire motherboard has to be replaced anyway, and they will only order from the same place Asus authorises for parts sales. 

Unlike Northridge, computer service places here never get down to the component level diagnostics and repair. They wont use thermal camera's, and electron microscopes, and soldier chips, etc. All they do is replace entire parts.

I know, I called around before asking if the could do a board chip soldier for me before and they said no, they dont do that. 

Techs at computer service shops are only A+ computer certified, they are not electronic engineers. 


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