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Tight Plugs

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We have all run across them. Cell phone chargers, laptops, tablets and gaming consoles you get the idea. So what's the best least damaging way to unplug a very difficult plug? Wiggle side to side, up and down or around in circles? You've seen the build of these mini plugs, not much to them, easy to damage. The mini USB-C on my fire tablet is a real pain in the ass to unplug!

So what's your method? How do you get it done without doing damage? 

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Do not wiggle or move side to side or circles. All these actions put a repetitive stress not only on the anchor points of the port on the PCB but also on the track pads. Doing this will in the long run cause the pads to get ripped off along with the port. The only way is to pull it out such that your finger tips put force on the device and uses that as the anchor to push the cable out with the main part of the fingers. 

See this note from Lenovo advising against putting force at angles on USB C connectors


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