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Repaired My First iPad 12.9 - 2nd Gen Today, Phew what a job that is...

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I've been repairing iPads for years now but today I head the pleasure of repairing my first iPad 12.9 - 2nd generation. What a repair that was. The customer had completely destroyed the home button as it was no longer with the iPad when he brought it in and that aluminum chassis area around the charge port had been bent and broke.

I'm so happy to have repaired this iPad and I'm bringing this up in the forum because no matter how many iPads I do sometimes I still feel like a beginner 😇 I guess for some of us that feeling never really goes away. So if you feel the same way sometimes just know your not alone. One of the many things I've learned from Alex is perseverance even through the difficult and challenging jobs. I would say I felt like giving up 3 times during the repair but I didn't and I stuck it out and in the end it was a successful repair that I can feel proud of. To boot I learned allot about this large beast of an iPad. lol

Thank you to everyone who contributes to this forum and on YouTube, you also help me tremendously as well. Have a great weekend.

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I use to think I was alone with that newbie feeling. Great fix by the way and many more fixes to come. 😀 😀 😀 


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