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how to learn Soldering

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Hi all,
I am a fresh graduated Electrical Engineer, I have soldering tools but when Iso try to solder or unsolder any item it does not go easily like in videos at all. like solder does not melt or does not attach to the copper layer ..etc.
any device how to learn it well?

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What equipment are you using? What kinda of PCB are you practicing on? Without knowing this it will be hard to help you. But I will let you know what I started with and currently use.

For many years I used the Hakko FX888D which was a huge upgrade from the 45W 120 radioshack irons lol. That iron was good for many things mostly laptop DC jacks and other larger items. But as time came things got smaller and PCB got thicker with some devices.

I upgraded my iron again to a Hakko FX951-66 and got the micro pencil with it. Hugh upgrade again. These use the new tips then the paste one and I added a Quick hot air station also. With these I am able now do to USB c ports and HDMI etc. I am about to upgrade my hot air again soon. Few weeks ago I got my first Xbox series x in for a HDMI port replacement. That PCB is Thicc! took my poor quick so long to get the PCB to temp. I also had the joints flooded with low melt.

Over all it is hard to practice or get good at this kind of work with poor equipment. I am assuming that is your issue. Also when I first started to practice soldering. I did not use the practice boards you can buy. I found a throw away laptop that still worked and Took parts off that and put them back and seen if the laptop still worked.

Hope any of this helps. Let me know what your using.


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