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UNI-T 260B

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Opened this topic just to give and get any advice on the Uti260b. I recently got it from Europe since I live In Romania and anything else wouldn't have been economical. I want to give a huge thank you to Northridgefix and Alex for recommending this camera and making the time and financial sacrifice in testing the equipment before hand and giving directions to a good value item. Knowing me I would have just gone with the cheapest (50% of what I spent on the 260b) and would most likely have been disappointed and the product would have been useless to me.
I just got this camera like literally 5 hours ago and its something I've wanted to have for the past two years.

After playing around with it I can confirm that it's a very usefull thing to have if you work in any industry that has to do with electrical, electronical, mechanical or heating equipment.

Tip 1.
If you go for "low gain" the maximum temperature shown is 199.7 while the image clearly shows only the hot spots.
On "high gain" the temperature range goes to max. I've measured a candle and got a 558.6C

Tip 2.
Camera does not record video, only images. To enable autosave feature go into system settings.
To record video you can connect the camera via USB to your laptop and open the camera app in Windows OS. Driver must be installed and device must be in USB Camera mode that can be found in USB mode settings.

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Clicking sound:
The sound was concerning but from what I found out it's a normal thing for this thermal camera.

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Uti260b is indeed a great value and macro lens makes it so much more useful when working with motherboards.


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