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    paul jatta
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      am using a kyoritsu model 1009 meter to work, but my meter has a set where u can change from diode, continuity, and resistance mode. but only continuity is alow to beep. I can see your meter beep in diode mode is that fine or bad. am currently working an LG electronic in the gambia as an electronic engineer. I do follow all your video and follow your step to repire tv boards, computers, laptops, and phones.
      am also having a bench voltage supply but my AMP power only stops at 3 amps voltage goes up 30 vol . my problem is I can’t control the amp. if I inject voltage I cant trace the component that is shorting. I know u must have had difficulty like me when you were starting the business. what tip can I learn more from you.

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        I use Fluke meters and have for a long time. These are a little more expensive, but retain calibration for extremely long periods of time. Not really critical for repair work, but these have been reliable for decades of use.


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