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      I received an iPhone SE 2020 for repair, with no-power issue. This phone is in like-new condition, without water damage.
      I measured if the phone is drawing any amps and I measured between 0.18A – 0.30A. I tested Tristar chip, which was faulty, so I replaced it with the new one. The new Tristar chip is testing OK now, BUT the phone is still dead.

      Then I checked PCB with a thermal cam and found “heat-spot” on PM IC APL1092 343S00402, which is main power IC.

      Unfortunately I don’t have schematics for this model, I would like to ask if anyone has experience with this kind of fault?
      Or could be the “heat-spot” caused by some other component (any other “heat-spots” are not visible on the thermal camera).

      Thanks in advance!!

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