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      Hello I’m trying to identify this diode as it seems shorted on both sides
      And it looked burnt out
      But I can’t find any diagrams or or schematics on it
      Main problem of tablet is that it won’t turn on. I replaced the pmic and checked for shorts prior but
      Nothing is happening still and thermal image this diode was red
      Here’s some pics o
      The tablet is a snapdragon tablet there cheap tablets from China
      Also I took a pic of the board number since I couldn’t find and brd files
      On it maybe someone has more knowledge on working with these

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        por favor envía una foto, donde esta situado el componente cruzado y así poder ayudarte

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          Impossible to tell. A lot of times you ca get away with using a similar size diode and hope for the best. Look on eBay and see if you can buy a non working identical motherhood or entire device that you can extract this diode from assuming it has a diode to us.

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