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      Need help. I‘m working with dead Lenovo V15-ADA (motherboard GV451&GV551 NM-D151). The laptop is quite new, mfg date 2020-10. Can‘t find any schematics for it. One of the chip LV5028 had a burned spot on it. Before ordering it from China, decided to do some measurements with chip removed. And now I‘m not sure will the new chip solve the problem. There are suspicious readings (chip desoldered):
      Pin 5 – 0.4Ohm
      Pins 7+8 – 5Ohm
      Pins 17+18 – 0.5Ohm
      Pins 12+13+14+15 – 4.6Ohm
      Found some datasheet of this chip (attached). Are theese readings normal? Or the problem is not only the chip?

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        Something caused the chip to burn. If you’re lucky a replacement chip will fix the problem, otherwise you’ll have to investigate lines connecting to the chip and what component they connect to and take it from there. Without a board view you won’t get far in which case you’ll have to do visual inspection and manual measurements. Save your brain cells for now until you get the chip, hopefully it works out for you. .

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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