Main Repair Questions ASUS Model C523N

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      I changed the charging port because it was broken, and after fix it, I can’t still power ON
      I noticed there is a Short a this place (see the screen)

      The question is: HOW and WHERE can i inject voltage safely to detect the short component ?
      I don’t have camera, only Power Supply and alcohol ^^

      thx in advance for you help !

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        First of all, anything you measure near the cpu/gpu may give you a short because that is the low resistance of the processor.
        Check the mosfet below and start from there

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          I think you are trying to climb 10 steps at a time. There is not right answer on where to inject voltage. Start with the charging connector and test the 19v input for short. Vcore inductors or caps are always low resistance, do not confuse them for a short.

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