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Switch Lite Error Code: 2153-0321

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When I turn on my (unmodded) switch lite, after the Nintendo logo it shows “error code: 2153-0321….”. If I plug in a headset into the audio jack and then turn it on, the switch turns on like normal. Once the switch is on and working, if I disconnect the audio jack, I get the “error code: 2153-0321….” again.

What I’ve already tried:

- Disconnecting the speakers, turned it on, same error
- Disconnecting the card reader/audio jack module, turned it on, same error
- Change in settings, mute audio when headset is disconnected, took out headset, same error
- Examined front and back of motherboard under digital microscope to look for any trace damage, there is none.
- There is no corrosion on any components

Does anyone have any experience with this problem and did you have to replace any chips, capacitors, resistors or diodes?

How do I use my multi meter to check for shorts?

Thank you for your help.

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