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Old MacBook 13" White screen issue

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So, I wanted to get my music off an old MacBook of mine from 2006.  I plugged it in and it turned on, booted and I was in, yay. I moved the computer and the magsafe power cord unplugged shutting the whole thing down because I was running it without a battery. I tried to reboot and it would make the chime and then just a white screen.  I tried all the different button pushing combos with no response.  Some said to try cleaning the RAM and reinserting it then removing one and then switching them etc. Nothing worked. Also the hard drive seems to work, it spins and I tried plugging it into a Windows PC and it said the drive was working fine but obviously the format wouldn't allow Windows to read anything on the drive.  I ran across several videos on youtube including a couple from NorthRidgeFix that showed my exact problem and they solved it due to some burnt out component. The problem is that they were using Macbook Pro something and the whole board is different. I pulled out my logic board and examined both sides including the LCD board on the back of the screen and didn't see anything burnt or suspicious.  I can handle a multimeter and actually have the board view files and schematic for my logic board 820-1889-A but I am just a bit lost on what to test. I already checked out some components connected to the LCD connection area but there are so many.  Does anyone have any suggestion on what to check? If the name can be given I can find it on the board view and test it...maybe. Well thanks in advance to anyone that has a suggestion. 




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