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Lenovo ideapad Gaming 3-15ACH6 I burned this power inductor PL202

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Hello, I own a Lenovo ideapad gaming 3 15ACH6 15.6" laptop

So, yesterday I was upgrading my RAM into 32GB, everything was going fine until, trying to put this little metal that protects the 2 ram slow then accidently it moved to the left and sort of burned this inductor PL202 .

One of my friends tested the motherboard and the inductor and told me it caused no damaged but still im confused on what exactly is the use of this PL202 inductor and how I really be sure that nothing bad is going to happed to my motherboard as the time goes by. Would totally appreciated any comments about it. Thanks


PS: no, i didnt disconnected the battery or drained all energy before doing this and yes i know i shoul've have. but now were here and im a little worried about this "not-burned but looks burned " PL202 thing.

here are the links for the photos just in case.

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Assuming you will still get a notification, I am typing this. That looks like a "filter" for the right channel audio of your 3.5mm jack. It should be fine as long as the damage does not spread. If the inductor still works that is good, but obviously it will introduce interference. Test listening to the 3.5mm Jack with high sensitivity iems and listen for a low crackle in the right ear. 


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