JL Audio 450/4v2
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JL Audio 450/4v2

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I watch your work on youtube and you do a very great job, I wanted to ask if such things are repaired ? It is a car amplifier. And if there are possibility that could be broken parts that would not be possible to order? I think this amp is discontinued. What is the approximate cost of the works? I add photos. It is after a very bad prior repair, the item was tempted to repair at few different shops and i saw the „Hiroshima" after i opened it myself 😥 First photos is from my archives are taken the day after accident, and newest is 7 years after it was tempted to repair and been at a shelf for a long time. Broken line, missing transistors and maybe something else. Back then after tempted repairs I was told that the amp is not working properly, overheating and they cannot guarantee if changing more parts will be enough. In this case shipping probably would cost more then fix 😀 

Greetings from Lithuania 😆 

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that should be easy to repair.


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