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Faulty ST31000524AS Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 with JD4B FW works but freezes

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Hi there!

I have a weird problem while restoring data from a defect Seagate Barracude drive.

Problem: When started, the hdd spins, there is a connection and NTFS data shows in the explorer for a second (window opens, shows all folders - so there is readable data on the drive, tested on different systems, so this is not a caching issue). Then the system freezes and only returns to normal, when i disconnect the hdd.

What I did:

- Of course trying different system. Windows, Linux (no connection possible) and Mac OSX (does not detects the hdd, too). The Seagate bootable HDD repair system freezes, too.

I changed PCB from at least two different donor hdds the same series (ST31000524AS), soldering the BIOS Chip, knowing that these kind of hdds require their old bios.

I checked for any kind of visible damage on the splatter themself. Nothing to be found.


I assume that this is some kind of firmware fault or something alike. But i never experienced something like this. In all the hundreds of HDDs i had on my desk, there was never the point, where the systems freezed, and trying to shut off the volume before the explorer might connect to it, via DMDE failed, too.


If there is someone, having a new approach or even remembering this kind of behavior, i would be so grateful to hear from you!


Many thanks from germany



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