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Did I fry the motherboard?

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Hallo. I am trying to fix a Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 that was bootlooping. With the help of  IPA I noticed that the power IC got hot and the alcohol was evaporated. The motherboard was connected to a power supply in which I could regulate voltage and current. I was twisting the nobs on the power supply and got neglectful. Suddenly the motherboard got burning  hot and I saw the I had injected 5 amps and 5 volts . I immediately turned the PSU off. I put everything to the side and let it be for a couple of weeks .


Anyway, the new power IC arrived from china after a month. I desoldered the old chip and replaced it with the new one. I don't know if the soldering was succeful and if the pads have solid connection. Now the phone wont start at all. The USB-meter says 0.0A when the charger is plugged in, and there is no voltage reading on the motherboard except around the area of the charging port.


Did I fry the motherboar, and burn the RAM and CPU to hell? How can i find out what components I destroyed, and if they in fact  are destroyed?


I really like the repair videos on Alex channel. They inspire me. I hope someone can give me a response.

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I', just close to being an amateur but with my limited knowledge, I'd say that 5 amps at 5 volts would be too much for a mobile phone motherboard. Again, I'm basing this on the fact that anything above 1.5 amps raises a red flag in a lot of mobile phone repair videos I have seen.


Further, you did mention that the mobo got burning hot so I'd reckon that even if the RAM/CPU aren't in hell, a lot of other components have been damaged.

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@rizzi87 Thank you, Rizzi87. I really appreciate your answer. The phone was probably electrocuted.


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