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Alienware 17R4 short

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Hey all, 

I have an Alienware 17R4 7820HK/1080 that is no longer powering on.  The adapter is turning off when power is connected and you can hear the short.  The AC plug smells burnt and the adapter plug appears to have a minimal amount of damage as well.  I already a replacement AC plug on order, it's a separate piece that connects to the board and attaches to the case, so I am hoping for the best.  I have already removed the board and don't see any obvious damage, but I know that does not mean much.  Any way I may be able to further track this down? Would be a shame to throw away what is otherwise a perfectly fine laptop if it's somehow repairable.  Dell isn't exactly great at sharing any sort of schematic anywhere. 

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Don't know if you still need help but I can give you a hint. Most Alienware laptops were done by Compal for Dell. I have a old schematic somewhere for the 17R4 Ranger. If that's it let me know. I'll see if I can dig it up if you still need or want it.


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