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Price for micro solder repair?

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Hi, I changed the battery and popped the little filter off that is right below the connector to the touch screen so my touch is not working, just like in your video. (Iphone 6s plus) I have found the filter and would like it soldered back on. Assuming that this is all that needs to be done, can you suggest an approximate price? If too much I guess I would just not get it fixed so shipping it for an estimate is just money wasted. Thank you in advance. Bob.

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OK, well, no replies to my post but here's an update. I found a place in Pontiac Michigan near me and the tech there soldered the filter back on in 5 minutes and charged me $35. Amazing! Phone works great now, but my advice is for regular folks like me to NOT change their own battery. I had no idea there were things so small inside the phone. Signed, #boomer #learn something new every day

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