AMTECH VS-213-A-TF Flux 10g Syringe + Plunger + 2 needle sizes

  • Description


VS-213A-TF is the most recent and the most up-to-date no-clean tacky flux formulation by AMTECH.

AMTECH VS-213-A-TF is a Universal no-clean tacky solder flux with extremely low voiding (the lowest among all AMTECH no-clean fluxes!) Used for all soldering work including SMD, BGA, Reballing, reflowing and all type of PCB soldering work. 

Flux is shipped to us directly from Amtech and guaranteed fresh.

Package includes:

  • 10g AMTECH VS-213-A-TF Flux Syringe
  • Syringe Plunger
  • 1 Black bent small needle for controlled flux flow used on tiny smd components
  • 1 orange large used by default for all soldering work. 


  • Bent Small needle for low flux dispensing
  • ROL0 flux classification
  • Optimized for lead-free and standard alloy systems
  • Designed for LGA, BGA, and CSP components
  • Halogen-free per EN14582 test method
  • Excellent wetting on all common surface finishes
  • Clear residue
  • Low voiding
  • REACH compliant