Main Repair Questions Need a little help for my laptop

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      • New Member new in this forum. and i am car and bikes ecu smartkey programmer.
      i had laptop that i used a couple year ago,
      now, the lappy suddenly dead, charging is good but no power. i took out the keyboard then i short the 3.3v to ground no luck. but i only find out, when i reheat the entire motherboard lappy will working fine. but if i shutdown the unit then i leave it overnight then the lappy wont turning on again.unless i reflow back the whole motherboard over and over again everytime i use it. hope you guys give me a tips if you do encountered this issue. and sorry for the english, im pilipino but im just trying to do best just to understand my word thank you…

      “ACER ASPIRE A315-51”

      Proudly pinoy

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