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      I am looking to learn to solder.
      My issue is I have nearly all my sight in my right eye.
      The left eye has a slight turn and this would mean If i used a microscope it would be with 1 eye only.

      I’ve seen lots of people talking about depth perception etc, but as i’ve always had mostly one eye then my brain has fully adapted.

      Does anyone else here have similar?
      Some people use the USB scopes and no binocular scope and seem to be ok?

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        The owner of NorthridgeFix is not using a stereo (binocular) microscope, but an hdmi hight resolution cam with lenses and a monitor. I do the same on cheaper device and kinda hate those stereo microscope, especially when your working bench is limited in space like mine.
        So just skip the stereo and i think it should be ok for you.


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