Main Repair Questions Injecting 1 volt into a board nd watching through thermal camera????

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      I just posted this on one of your youtube vids comment section but figured I’d join your forum because I have a ton o questions…for the first one:

      When you add the 1 volt to a component to see what areas of the board heat up under the thermal camera, does it matter when you inject the 1 volt as long as its on the positive side of the component? For instance you inject the 1 volt into the positive side of a capacitor..does it have to be a capacitor that is grounding out OR can the 1 volt be injected into ANY positive side of any capacitor?

      And a follow up question: And I am getting into vintage arcade board repair (pan man, donkey kong, etc) and those boards run on 5 volts…can I inject 5 volts into the board to make components heat up or would 1 volt be suffice to achieve what you achieve in your vids?

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        hello there
        becareful with injection voltage
        if you want injection voltage make sure you in corect side wanna injection (in short area)
        beacuse some componet in electrical its like a fuse for protect the big / importent componet like a CPU

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