Main Repair Questions Infamous Samsung galaxy a50 and m30 random restarting issue

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      I’ve one genuine request to you all.
      If you google about samsung galaxy m30 and a50 devices you will find there is one common issue occurring in most of the devices.
      The issue is that the device keeps restarting randomly.
      Also it’s confirmed that this issue is not a software issue rather it’s a hardware issue.
      I would like to request you all to help me fix this issue.
      In India samsung service center is replying same thing to everyone that the motherboard needs to be replaced and for that, they are charging 100$ for a 250$ device.
      The local repair guys also are not able to tell properly like what the issue is and they are kind of speculating on it which is leading to waste of time and money.
      Please help me or atleast forward this message to brother Alex. Maybe he can get his hands on any such faulty samsung device and show us the repair in a video.
      It will be really helpful.

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