Main Repair Questions Asus UX303U wont power on. No charging light

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      my Asus UX303U stopped working. Ac plug is working and 19v are reaching different areas of the board. I found some caps with a short and some (i guess) bad mosfets, which were shorted to ground on multiple legs.

      I started to remove the mosfets and two other parts, but the caps on the marked area are still shorted to ground on both sides.

      I dont know where to search further for an error. I dont have a heatcam. Maybe someone can help

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        Just want you to know. Caps around the CPU can seem shorted to ground or a dead short. This is do to the CPU being off. I would suggest putting the mosfets all back. Then start by following the power lines. Start at the DC jack and test there. Once you find a short close to the DC jack you can then inject voltage. Just follow the power line and see where the power stops.

        I hope you fluxing fix that.

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