Main Repair Questions Asrock STX-MXM motherboard – no power, possible short

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      Just looking for some advice on a personal repair!
      I have an Asrock Z390 STX-MXM board, and it was not POSTing after working flawlessly for more than a year.

      A handful of caps around the board come up rather low in resistance to GND, but removing them had no effect.

      The board was showing a small IC overheating (50c+), I think it controlled something with the power-phases – 14 pins, big PCB pad under, each corner has 2 bridged pins.
      Swapped the little guy from the same component on a donor board, and now the power-phase controller next to the RAM warms (35c) when plugged in, but still no power (and it’s not crazy hot).

      Injecting power into the board at the site of lowest resistance (one larger PLCC, removed) only warms the board, not any individual component.

      Do I have an internal short, somehow? I have a hard time testing the MOSFETs on the board, they are surface mount. I can investigate these if it’s recommended.

      Any tips would be helpful, or I can just mail it in 🙂

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