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Vince Pirozzi asked 1 year ago

Hi, I am a customer of yours. What Thermal imaging camera do you use? I need one for troubleshooting circuit boards and I was thinking of the Flir TG165X.
Thanks, Vince

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 1 year ago

We use the Flir E60 which samples temperatures at 320×240 60fps. TG165X resolution is 80×60 at 9fps. Not very good for detecting shorts on microscopic components in realtime. Poor resolution means, if a short exists, you will see a big blob of heat and it will be very hard to pinpoint or make out which component is heating up. 9fps means the video feed will be choppy and really useless in real life scenarios working on motherboards;  TG165X  may be good if you plan to use it for surveillance or detecting thermal properties of big objects