Ask UsCategory: General questionsTell me what problem my soundcard has
Joe asked 3 weeks ago

Hi guys,
I love your videos and I watch em a lot since I discovered your channel. 

I bought a new mainboard and CPU 2 months ago. After I replaced it with the old one my soundcard (Asus Xonar DGX 5.1) causes bluescreens when I tried to install its driver. 
I tried it in another PC, same problem. 

The soundcard wasnt expensive so I bought a new one, but a bad feeling what the problem caused and if it was my fault stayed. 

So watching your videos brought me to an idea:
Can you find out what happened to my card? 
I think you can do it, but what will it cost? (You dont need to repair it)

Thx in advanced 

Greetings from Germany 
(Yes I will send you the card from Germany 🙂 )