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Craig Reich asked 1 year ago

I bought the same exact soldering station you use. I have several tips but I can not seem to solder jumper wires or get enough heat into small parts for the solder to melt. I also bought the flux from your store. What are the part numbers for the tips you use? Or at least the one you use for jumpers?

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admin Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Craig,
You should be able to use any Weller solder tip for jumper wires, assuming you are using the 0.1mm wire

Remember not all wires are created equal, Some wires are difficult for solder to stick on. First try to touch the tip on to the solder wire and see if solder melts, if it doesn’t, it could be that you need to bump up heat or it may be that you are using a thick solder wire and a small tip. Bigger tip means more heat transfer. You need a bigger tip for bigger wire. Small tip cannot melt big solder wire or big solder blob. I usually solder at 450c.

Weller offer 2 types of tips, wetting and non wetting (nw). Solder will not stick on Non wetting tips. Non wetting tips are used to reflow solder without making a mess since no solder will stick on to the tip. So if you touch solder on to the tip, solder will form into a ball and will not stick. All what i mentioned above can contributes to why you may be having issues soldering a wire. I’m preparing a video on weller tips and hope to have it up soon.

craigbrendar replied 1 year ago

I was soldering at 360c and from what I have read about those tips 450c will burn them out in a hurry But I will give 1 a try and see how it does.