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Daniele Muscarella asked 4 months ago

Hello, I have two PS4 consoles with the same problem. One PS4 slim and one PS4 first model. No video output. In both of them I first checked that there was no problem with the HDMI connector (which looks intact even looking with microscope), then I disassembled them. In both I found short circuits in the Panasonic HDMI controller outputs to the EMI filters.I bought two new controllers (MN86471A for the fat and MN864729 for the slim), desoldered the damaged ones, and soldered the new ones. The short circuit disappeared but I still have no video output on the HDMI port.
Is there anything else I can check?
I forgot to tell you that both consoles work in remote control via app.
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Daniele Muscarella answered 4 months ago

A small update. I went ahead with the PS4 first model, and found a broken fuse in the HDMI port area, and changed it. Then I checked the continuity all the pins on the HDMI controller, both to the HDMI port and to all the other components. I found a shorted PIN to ground which I don’t think is good news (see picture). All other PINs seem OK. Can you help me?!Aoo3T6zz5h7OkJwDLaMqTn9lKL3d-w?e=N7wDR5