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Jack asked 3 months ago

alright, so I’ve been trying this for a long time now. My switch stopped charging, the little connector on the inside broke, so I followed guides on youtube and replaced the charging port, it worked for a while, then it stoped charging again, not broken in the slightest, I tried replacing it again, still no charging, I don’t know what’s wrong or how to find out what’s wrong, Please help.

Chris Frazee replied 3 months ago

(Not a repair expert or employee) Jack, nice work on the port replacement. I’ve watched a lot of his videos now regarding no power on the Switch. Have you checked for shorted caps as he does, and the small fuse above the port? That’s what I would try next if it were me. Also, I bought his three test boards and have been using the USB-C test board to determine if there are issues with the connector. Might be worthwhile; take a look on the shop.