Ask UsCategory: Laptop repairMacbook Pro mid 2012 13 inch not turning on after DC-In Power board replacement. MagSafe LED is green now, but not charging.
Morgan asked 3 months ago

My Mid-2012 Macbook Pro 13 inch (A1278) was not charging and I noticed the MagSafe port seemed burnt. I replaced the charger but it still didn’t charge. I replaced the DC-In Power Board and then the LED indicator on the charging cable lit up, but sadly stayed green despite the battery not being charged. I tried to boot it up and found that it did not respond at all. No sounds or signs of life except the green LED indicator on the charger cable. I removed and reinstalled the logic board and DC-IN and the result was the same. I tried SMC and NVRAM resets but there wasn’t even a sign that the computer sensed the keys being pressed, nothing worked at all. I’d bring this in (I’m from the Valley), but I am currently in the middle of Poland and there are no Apple stores here. Please help!