Ask UsCategory: General questionsJumper wire 0.1mm Enameled & Non Enameled – Restore broken pads traces.
Mahmoud Jubran asked 2 weeks ago

Hello, I have a question. What is the difference between Enameled and Non Enameled? Are they both the same for fixing pad traces and does it make a difference which one I pick? Or does it not matter which one I pick and they both work exactly the same? Thank you!

1 Answers
Abdulwahab Waleed answered 6 days ago

They both the same at the core. The only difference is one has insulation (enamel) coating.
The enameled jumper wire needs to have the enamel coating removed before you can solder (Using a knife to scrape off or heat from soldering iron).
The enameled jumper wire will help when fixing a lot of traces and you need crossover wires (They will not short because of the enamel insulation).
The non-enameled wire is easier to work with because you don’t need to remove the enamel coating before soldering.
However you have to be careful of it not touching anything around it. You can use solder mask to cover it.