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Robert Antoine asked 1 year ago

Hi good-day, I hope all is well with you, your family and business. Thanks for creating this opportunity to ask an expert like yourself various questions. My question to you is pertaining to the WiFi overheating issue on an iPhone 6S that I’m currently teaching myself to repair. How would you recommend I go about solving this WiFI issue as I don’t yet have a NAND Programmer (I’ve just ordered a JC DFU Box C2 to attempt a WiFi unbind without having to remove to NAND), do you think it would be possible to repair via a reflow, or scratching the WiFi module (would have tried this if I saw that the heat spot was there).
What I’ve tried thus-far:
The device boots fine and would stay running if the WiFi is switched-off immediately after boot, but if not it will overheat and I’d be prompted to shutdown. I subsequently removed the board and test both with USB Amp-meter and DT-880 looking for current leaks and there’s none, but the WiFi module would get extremely hot. Next I removed EMI Sticker below the WiFi and CPU Shield with hot air and boot tested with the DT-880 while applying Freeze Spray first while checking the WiFi-side then aft on the CPU but strange enough nothing appears to “to jump-out” during the thaw – not ever the Caps next to the WiFi or even directly on the WiFi module itself so I’m currently stumped.
In my most recent try – I attempted solder a wire directly to the positive side of one of C5284_RF but stopped along the way as I didn’t feel too confident when I wasn’t getting the solder to stick. The Idea here was to deliver direct current and with Freeze Spray see if I can better spot the hotspot.
My next step as I mentioned is to unbind the WiFi with the DFU Box and Purple Tool via the Check M8 exploit that I’m still learning about (don’t know how successful that’ll turn out but I’m gonna give it a try).
Can you share any thoughts?
Workbench Photo
My current equipment:

  • Microscope | Amscope SM745TP-B with a 1.0x Barlow (I have a 0.5x Barlow but my makeshift workbench is a bit to high so can’t use ’till I shorten it).
  • Multimeter | Eteckcity MSR-600
  • Desktop PSU | Tekpower TP3005T
  • Soldering Iron | Miniware TS-100
  • Soldering Tip | TS-BC2, TS-ILS
  • Soldering Wire | ChipQuik SMDSW.020 Sn63/Pb37, ChipQuik SMDSW.015 Sn60/Pb40
  • Soldering Paste | Mechanic XG50 183c
  • Solder Mask | Mechanic LVH900-HY Black (couldn’t get green at the time of order)
  • Hot Air | Chinese 858D 
  • Wick | MG Chemicals Super Wick .050″
  • Flux | ChipQuik SMD291 No-Clean Tack Flux (syringe), ChipQuik CQ4LF No-Clean Liquid Flux (pen)
  • IPA | MG Chemicals Flux Remover Pen #4140A-P, Locally Manufactured 70% IPA (couldn’t find 99.9% during the pandemic).
  • Cold Spray | MG Chemicals Super Cold 134
  • Battery Tester | Kaisi Battery Tester and Activation Board
  • QianLi iBridge for iPhone 6S

……and various other, cleaning, scraping tools.
Have since ordered:

  • JC – One Key DFU Box C2
  • QianLi 3D Power Logic iBlack Stencil Compatible For iPhone 6S
  • QianLi 2D Communication iBlack Stencil Compatible For iPhone 6S (3D version out of stock)
  • QianLi 3D CPU iBlack Stencil Compatible For iPhone 6S
  • QianLi 3D Hard Disk iBlack Stencil
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth IC Chip Compatible For iPhone 6s
  • 2 iCloud Locked iPhone 6S 32GB Logic Boards from eBay to practice and parts
  • Needle-point Multimeter Test Probe Leads
  • Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Desk Lamp (by the way I’m the viewer that asked If you could review yours’ and Big Bosses’ Magnifying Desk Lamps)



Robert Antoine replied 1 year ago

I forgot to mention that I tested the two Caps near the WiFi IC (C5283_RF & C5284_RF) for shorts and they were both fine.

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admin Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Robert,
Test caps around the Wifi ic to see if a short exist. If yes, you’ll need to replace the wifi chip and use iRepair P10 DFU Box to unbind wifi without removing Nand.

I worked on an iPad air where wifi was shorting to ground and causing tablet not to power on. Wifi was not replaced. Customer only needed data.

Robert Antoine replied 1 year ago

Thanks you for you time and feedback.