Ask UsCategory: Game consolesI have a switch that needs it's EMMC externally dumped.
Justin asked 2 weeks ago

As the title says, I bought a switch that wouldn’t boot, after further investigation I found it was booting, but into RCM mode, I modded the switch to be able to access the storage and found that the EMMC could not be initiated. 
As Nintendo pairs these chips with security and product keys on the partitions of the storage, they need to be pulled off before a new one can simply be put on. 
Since the switch itself cannot initiate the EMMC I can not use modded tools such as lockpick to backup the product keys, I have so far only been able to pull the BIS.keys off the card. The programs to reflash the keys are readily available.
My question, is does you shop have the capability to use some form of external device, to read the EMMC, backup the proper keys, and replace them onto a provided new switch EMMC?