Ask UsCategory: Laptop repairHP Omen 15-ax009na – No Power & Not Charging Battery
Colin Crawford asked 2 months ago

My neighbour’s laptop is not working properly. I checked the power jack and it was showing 4 pins, so I had a look around to see if I could get a replacement. I found a company in the UK who sold new power jacks. I also sent them photos as theirs looked different inside the power jack and they said it was broken so I bought another one and fitted it.
When I plugged the charger in, it still didn’t work. I have tried the static discharge I seen on another youtube video and that didn’t help. Tried the laptop with the battery removed and nothing, then tried the battery on its own and again nothing.
I have removed the memory and replaced them back in one by one and again nothing.
After watching some of your Youtube videos and have tried looking for a short and so far nothing. With the charger plugged in I have got the correct voltage of 19.5v, but one component PJ642K IV, I got 19.4v on one side coming in and on the otherend it’s 0v. Next to it is an 8 pin chip that has GA5510 on it. I take it that this is a Mosfet, on one side I have varying voltages ranging from 19.5v and the otherside has 19.44v and 0v.
Could this be the problem?