Ask UsCategory: Components and partsDead GPU? Galax EXOC 1080ti not working with multimeter information
tekkenboy7 asked 3 months ago

I recently bought a Galax EXOC 1080ti which I bought broken knowingly. Trying to fix it… Well, the previous owner, and trusting the previous owner, told me they uninstalled drivers and installed them to try to get the card to post. Even with integrated graphics, the pc will not boot past BIOS. On my end, it seems like the BIOS might not register the card itself with integrated graphics? Here: .
If integrated graphics are off, the pc won’t even go into the bios.
I’ve taken the card apart, cleaned EVERYTHING with isopropyl alcohol and repasted. I then compared it to the website’s card via pictures and no physical parts are missing. Everything seems to be in place. I’m starting to think that something might’ve shorted on the card itself.
New information as of 8/9/21:
Below I took a picture of the gpu I bought. On the PCI express slot I measured increasing voltage up to 1.67 V on the 12V pin? and 0.934V on the 3.3V pin?. I then plugged in the gpu and power cables and measured voltage, or more specific diode testing mode?, again on the circled parts. Red was 1.815-1.820V, Orange was 1.384V, the Yellow part was 0.814V for each VRM and with Green there was no reading. I’m not sure if I’m supplying the best information, but I’m interested in fixing it.
Timestamp of GPU supplemented with New information