Ask UsCategory: Components and partsASUS X99-Deluxe Rev 1.03 flickering 29 1f 32q
jack berry asked 3 months ago

I have an ASUs x99 motherboard I’ve used for a few years and all the sudden stopped working. I took it apart and checked it over with no luck until I got my thermal camera out and saw part 29 1f 32q (located under the right set of ram sticks between DIMM_D2 and DIMM_D1) with the label PU501 there is a tiny square component u have no clue what it could be. Googling can’t help me either 
this part gets really hot when plugged in and powered on so it’s definitely shorted. Tested components around it with no indication there’s an issue so it’s just that 1 part as far as I can tell
description of failed component 
small square black component with a size roughly .8 to .9 MM and 4 pads either side (left and right)