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Omar Hussain asked 2 months ago

Hi there, I ran into an issue with my Asus ROG GU501G laptop last night. I was using it normally for web browsing and work while plugged in and shut it down with the cable still in to prepare it for the next workday. The next day, I attempted to boot it up but the battery was completely dead. Upon plugging in the cable I was able to boot it up but the battery would not retain a charge. In Windows, the battery indicator reports \”0% available (plugged in)\”. I attempted a number of fixes through software and even attempted both BIOS and Windows Updates which were ultimately unsuccessful as the battery would not sustain powering the laptop on, which suggests a clean install would not be able to be completed either. I was able to run a Windows 10 Battery Report the day I noticed this issue which indicated I still had over 60% of my original battery capacity left, however, today Windows will not allow me to run the same diagnostic and HWInfo reports 98.5% battery wear. Such a drastic decrease in battery health led me to believe the issue was hardware-related. So far I have ordered a new adapter and reseated the battery (which had no effect). All I can think the issue is a failed battery, but the cells did not appear swollen upon inspection. I am in fact familiar with the issue this same hardware had on the YouTube channel here but I am unsure if a battery failure was ruled out beforehand and what I can do to test this since all factors point to this as the culprit. Is there anything else I can do to remedy or test this before defaulting to a battery/adapter/mosfet replacement? Thanks