Ask UsCategory: Laptop repairAsus Q552UB – Battery won't charge
DANIEL M JONES asked 1 month ago

So the battery in this laptop was aging out, I’d get about 2.5-3hrs before it died. I was an idiot and kept it on AC most of the time so that didn’t help. However I now have the problem where I cannot get the battery to charge. The charging light would go from orange to green nearly immediately. I pull the AC and the laptop dies.
Now the laptop will only turn on with A/C power. I bought a brand new OEM battery and installed it. The charging light turns orange and then after 30 minutes starts flashing.
I pulled the original battery and tested the voltage on the red/black circuits for each lithium cell and they returned about 12 volts. The white/yellow circuit (which I believe is what tells the computer the status of the battery) was returning 7-9v. (no swelling in the batteries and the controller looks undamaged)
The new battery will retain no charge at all. I’m concerned that the circuit controlling the charging has gone bad, but I can’t seem to find any answers.