Main Tools and Equipment What kind of solder to use?

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      Hello, what would be the best solder brand/kind to use for working on PCB and on eyelet boards? I mostly work on my tube amps and effect pedals.
      In my country you only get low quality stuff, so unfortunately I have to buy overseas. The last solder I bought locally tends to dull, never gets shiny. I use my iron at 350ºC (660ºF)

      I love your videos by the way, I watch them all before breakfast =)
      Sorry for the bad english.
      Thank you very much.

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        I personally use Kester Solder 63/37 That’s 63% Tin / 37% Lead.

        I hope you fluxing fix that.

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          Marc Lewis
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            No matter where you purchase your solder from, beit in Europe or the USA, you need to purchase a good quality Eutectic Alloy solder (63:37). There are several brands available almost everywhere: Kester, Multicore, Cardas, Alpha and others. For even better conductivity consider the silver alloy version (62:36:2) of these brands. It’s a bit more expensive, but it works super well. Yoou might try looking on eBay; they’ve got a LOT of different types, but do stick with the Eutectic alloy. If you’re not familiar with that term, it’s the solder alloy that has almost no “plastic” point; it goes from liquid to solid in a very tight window – within a couple degrees below it’s melting point it becomes fully solid, unlike other alloys like 60:40. Hope this helps!

            All the best,

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