Main Repair Questions RTX 3090 Possible PCI Issue PLEASE HELP ME…!!

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      Hi Guys,

      I do have an RTX 3090 which I change it to be watercool, it’ has been working ok during a long time but but now my computer was not able to boot because of the Video card, I was not able to understand what was happening with it, for some reason i just tried moving the Video card and surprise it started working again, so i started using the computer again but to do just some document reviews and all that stuff, but when i decided to platy a video game (battlefield) the computer starts working normal but in like 10 min the video just goes black screen, I tried the same workaround I did used, again it start working but then the same issue happened, every time i move the VGA it starts working.

      So I decided to remove the VGA and found some of the PCI lines messed up, not really sure how it happened because I have never moved the card from the PCI slot.

      Note: I have tried using the video card in other PC to discard MOBO issues but the issue is the same.

      Does anyone can help me to understand what could be happening with my Video Card? and if it is something that can be fixed?

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