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    Digikey is another supplier. In the past I used MCM electronics which was bought out by Newark Electronics. Both are good suppliers. Watch for shipping costs though. I tend to purchase reasonable quantities to spread out the shipping costs. It is much easier for me to store parts than to have many units around waiting for parts. A reasonable supply of common failure parts is good practice. Being in the repair business as long as I have, I have accumulated quite a collection of replacement parts. The philosophy for specialty parts was to purchase at least enough for 2 or more repairs. You don’t make money on the first part you use since what you charge may only cover the cost of all you ordered, but subsequent uses of those parts will be profit and the time it saves will be worth it. Take a count now on how many parts you have and check again in 40 years to see the difference. (my latest count is in the 800,000 range with most of them being surface mounted resistors and caps of all values and sizes). Makes for quick repairs though…