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    Very good topic for a video. I’ll make one soon. It basically boils down to the amount of work on hand Vs progress Vs results.
    1. If you work very hard and see good results, you’ll likely forget about burnouts.
    2. If You spend a lot of time working on one device because you hate giving up. Stop when you see no light at end of the Tunnel and move on
    3. You worked on 4 devices and non were fixable and no pay. Solution: Start charging repair attempt /Bench fees and consider improving your skills if needed.

    Take a deep breath. Have a cup of tea. Take at least one day off a week and a 2-3 days vacation every month. If you lack knowledge and feel that is contributing to your burnouts, lean and improve your skills. If something is not working for you no matter how hard you try, feel free to explore other options, not necessary outside the field, just branch.