76pc Ultimate Universal laptop and electronics Charger kit including 2 power cables

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76 Ultimate Universal Laptop and electronics Power/Charger kit. The tips can be used to power or charge not only laptops and notebooks, but all electronic devices. Choose the tip that fits the laptop or electronic device you are working on and apply the voltage needed from you power supply. Monitor amps being drawn by the device from your power supply.

Package includes

  • 56 power tips. The tips work on 99% of all laptop makes and models. 1% left out in case of an exception.
  • 2 power cables. You can power 2 laptops / devices at once.
  • 10 Alligator Cable extensions.
  • 2 Blue HP tips
  • 2 Banana screw connectors. Connect to power cable and plug in you power supply
  • 2 Alligator connectors. This is another way to connector your power cables to the power supply
  • 1 Lenovo 90 degree adapter tip. This is used to convert your existing charger from round to rectangular
  • 1 HP 90 degree tip. This is used to convert your existing hp charger from Big to small blue tip

Power tips are help by a flexible rubber holder. They stand vertically on your bench so you can easily look all tips at once and quickly find the one your looking for.

Additional information

Extra Power Cables

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